Sticky, Reusable, Elastomer Toilet Gaskets

Innovative Design

Sticky Elastomer ensures a tight seal.

Flexible Design

Compresses up to 50%. Will not break or become brittle. Allows movement without leaking

Multiple Designs

Models for Urinal and Tank-to-Bowl. Use for all toilets and flange depths.

Easier Toilet Setting

Remains resilient and flexible.

Tight Seal Elastomer Toilet Gaskets are a revolutionary change in toilet sealing. Designed to work with all types of installations including cast iron, copper and plastic. Elastomer gaskets for sanitary use on standard, floor mounted, rear discharge and wall hung toilets. Elastomer gaskets for use on all Urinals.

  • Sticky ELASTOMER ensures a Tight Seal.
  • Remains Resilient and Flexible.
  • Allows movement without leaking.
  • Can be Repositioned.
  • Will not melt or come loose like wax.
  • Can be Stacked.